Knowledge Change Action (previously known as Kate Cairns Associates) was established in 2011. We provide a knowledge base that can change thinking and perspective so that our communities can take action to transform the lives of others, especially the most vulnerable. We provide a bridge between professional understanding of neuroscience and everyday experience through supporting people to understand that it is human connectedness, all through our lives, that maintains healthy brains, promotes recovery from trauma and contributes to building resilience.

Our small , experienced team, managed from our head office in Gloucestershire, has a considerable track record in running effective training programmes, both face-to-face and online, and in responding to the changing needs and priorities of the workforce. We believe that a whole systems approach is fundamental to creating sustained, systemic change and we therefore work in collaboration with our commissioners to create a learning pathway that meets the needs of the organisation and has impact on practice.

KCA is also an IQ Centre for the delivery of vocational qualifications.

You can see more about KCA's work and ethos by visiting

Five to Thrive blocks - Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play, Talk

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