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Kate Cairns Associates

KCA logo KCA is a national provider of training, e-learning and consultancy for children's services and the creator of the five to thrive resources. Their focus is on helping multi-agency professionals engage with issues of attachment, trauma and resilience so that they can better meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire logo Hertfordshire's Childhood Support Services team approached KCA in 2011 with the aim of developing a multi-agency approach to parenting support, based on current understanding of neuroscience and brain development. It was this ‘My Baby's Brain’ project that launched the five to thrive approach.


CentreForum logo CentreForum is an independent, liberal think-tank that seeks to develop evidence-based policy solutions to the problems facing Britain. Its 2011 research paper Parenting Matters was a timely review of the available research on parenting and brain development and introduced the idea of a healthy-brain version of the 'five-a-day' nutrition campaign that has been so influential in recent years.

Five to Thrive blocks - Respond, Cuddle, Relax, Play, Talk